Nestled on the bank of the River Chionthar, the Caravan City of Scornubel accommodates the bulk of the traders seeking to brave the Trade Way of the Sword Coast. It is an amalgamation of all peoples and creeds, ever changing in population and patronage. It is a far cry from the wealth and comforts of the great cities of Waterdeep and Neverwinter, but it provides a safety to both natives and visitors alike; including you.

You are a resident or a visitor to the Caravan City, going about your daily life as one does in the Realms. The year is 1275 DR, before the dark days of the Time of Troubles or the Spellplague. Life is as stable as it can be in such a place, and fortunes are booming.

However, dark whispers float about the city, and it has come to pass that they have not escaped your ear. The Caravan City may attract wealth and the dreams of possessing it, but it also draws in those who would take such riches by force…

The Caravan City